Last month we picked up the bill for random orders on Fashion Project. The only thing we asked for in return was that the each lucky do-gooder would pay it forward. This is what they did.


“This purchase inspired me to pay it forward 3 times in the past few weeks. Thank you!
First, I donated to a student collecting money door-to-door for clean water and energy reform. She was very passionate about the cause, and her group was going to lobby the state government about better ways to deal with waste and the great lakes.

Second, I bought my coworkers dinner (I’m a nurse) when we were all short-staffed.

And finally, I saw a man struggling to pay for his dinner, literally counting nickels and dimes for him and his daughter (she must have been about 6) at a fast food place and gave him a few dollars.”

-FAYE SKIBA, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI


Charity Spotlight: Project Bread

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Children in Piers Park for Project Bread

It’s Tuesday afternoon and you’re running around like mad; meeting to meeting, errand to errand, it’s been non-stop all day long. Suddenly you look down at your watch and see that it’s 4:25 P.M. and you still haven’t had lunch.

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Powering up with Girls INC.

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Girls Inc. girls

Beyoncè says it best: Who run the world? Girls.

As is always the case with Queen Be- we couldn’t agree more. At Fashion Project, we are a company run predominantly by females. Our CEO is female, our President is female, our Head of Merchandising is female, our Creative Director is (you guessed it) female.

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At Fashion Project it’s no secret that we have a penchant for beautifully made clothing (and accessories), giving back and a good “girl-power” story. So whenever we get all three together at once, it sends us over the moon.

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The Ingredients for the Perfect Donation

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We get it- cleaning out your closet is not always the easiest activity. In fact it can be down right challenging. So the last thing you need while digging through your sartorial archives is to stress about whether your items are “right” to donate to Fashion Project.

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